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PC software - Dansprint Analyser

The Dansprint analyser presents the paddlers performance graphically. The stroke data and heart rate are displayed while paddling and saved for later analysing. Use the stroke data to improve your training session and the comparison of the right and left stroke side to improve your paddle technique.
Free software for the new Dansprint touchscreen computer. Download

Download the application. The software is free with old Dansprint computers - No key file is needed.

The lastest software version is 1.12.

For older Dansprint computers with software version 1.35 or below, the application can only record data from 50 strokes, without a key file. The key file is generated from the dansprint computers box ID and version number.

The price for the key file is € 125,- + 25% tax for EU residents.

Connect the PC to the dansprint computer with a standard straight through serial 9-pin cable or a USB to serial adapter.

If you want to buy the software please send the box ID and the version number to The numbers are located in the menu under "session status". Moebius is the developer of the application.

Dansprint analyser - Functions

The application graphically presents the paddlers

 - Speed
 - Power
 - Stroke rate
 - Heart rate
 - Total stroke distance
 - Distance in water phase
 - Time in air phase
 - Water / Stroke distance

You can compare the paddlers left and right stroke regarding

 - Power
 - Work
 - Total stroke distance
 - Distance in water phase
 - Time in air phase

All the values can be presented versus effective paddle time or distance.

With the application you can also

 - Zoom and scroll the graph window
 - Print graph
 - Copy graph to another application
 - Export data for use with other applications, like excel
 - Save personal data
 - Filter stroke data

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