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Kayak ergo computer 


The dansprint kayak ergo comes with a powerful on-board computer with a large graphical display which provides information of the paddlers performance.
Download Manual - PRO Computer
The display shows

Time Average values
Distance Max. values
Power Water / Stroke ratio
Speed Right / Left power balance
Stroke Rate Power vs. time graph

Heart rate



Interval training

You can setup the work time or work distance and the rest time between each interval.


In the interval training mode it is possible to race against a pacer. When setting the work time you can set how far the pacer comes in that time interval. When setting the work distance you can set the finish time for the pacer. The pacer starts when the paddler starts and keeps the same speed during the interval. 



The pacer is updated 10 times per second and appears much more smooth than the animated picture above.


Connection of two dansprint computers

Two dansprint computers can be connected, with a link cable. This makes it possible to race against another or train together.

The paddler on the ergometer is shown as the top triangle and the pacer or the other paddler is shown as the bottom triangle. The display shows a distance of 100 meter and you can still see differences between the two triangles down to 0.31 meter.

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