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Dansprint PC Cable

Price including tax:
EUR 18,60
Dansprint PC cable.
3 mtr. cable between Dansprint Ergometer and external PC.
For large display (not touch display).

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Dansprint Canoe handle

Price including tax:
EUR 40,00
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Dansprint Seat Complete

Price including tax:
EUR 127,00
Dansprint seat complete
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Dansprint Heart Rate Receiver

Price including tax:
EUR 56,00
Dansprint heart rate receiver.
Place the receiver under the seat and connect the mini jack on the backsite of the Dansprint computer.
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Polar T31 Chest Ribbon

Price including tax:
EUR 60,00
Polar T31 chest ribbon
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Dansprint Balance

Price including tax:
EUR 350,00
Dansprint Balance
Dansprint is extremely efficient in improving upperbodystrength, endurance and lactate tolerance - but most important is perhaps the impact on your core-muscles which is automatically activated on the Dansprint. This is the basis for good balance and the abilty to push hard and steadily in your kayak - especially on the sprint distances.
After a few sessions on the Dansprint with balance you will experience that your stroke length and ability to let the boat glide between the stroke will improve dramtically - especially if you do traningsessions with hi power in low frequency. This will activate and strenghten you core and improve muscelcontrol around your waste and hip.
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Dansprint Footstrap

Price including tax:
EUR 23,25
Dansprint Footstrap.
Velcro adjustable strap with a neoprene cover.
The neoprene cover warranties full comfort on your feet with a solid block.
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Dansprint PRO touch computer

Price including tax:
EUR 1.100,00

Dansprint PRO touch computer

Please ask for price.

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